Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Dragon Age II

WARNING : You will likely not understand any of this post if you have not played Dragon Age.

Well, I got Dragon Age II the day it came out and it ate my life but I knew it was going to.

My overall feeling on the game was super happy fun feelings. The storyline was very different to Dragon Age Origins which isn't a bad thing. Dragon Age Origins was the epic story dealing with an end of world scenario crossing the massive country of Ferelden. It was a story of kings, queens, betrayal and an epic battle against the Arch Demon.

Dragon Age II is more the story of a single person rising up from nothing to become the hero of Kirkwall and help change the world more than the Blight ever did. It looks like it'll be the biggest change since Andraste marched upon the Tevinter Imperium and created the chantry.

I am very intrigued to see what they come up with for the downloadable content.

The combat system I haven't fully explored yet but the mage combat has much improved. I can actually whack stuff with my staff and the levelling up system is much easier to work out too. I also enjoy the fully voiced character :D

Now, excuse me while I go play a new Dragon Age game as a rogue.

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