Thursday, 10 March 2011

Yeah, So, schedules...

My Monday - Wed - Friday posting schedule was supposed to be simple but with things like decorating and Darksiders getting in the way it's not really surprising I lagged. (I often do).

So, in fantastical news, Dragon Age 2 should be with me tomorrow, I thought I best do a blog post before it gets here and no one hears from me for about 3 months while I dissect the entire game and figure out all the little interesting side quests and pretty stuff.

My blog post today is more art but it's very much a work in progress, it's my cat comic! Or at least the beginnings of the first page (I have another couple done but this is the one i'm refining right now)

Click to enlarge!

Just noting, this current part of the comic is set in my other half's house. Our cats live with her in America, I kind of plan on showing our stories through the eyes of our cats. Also, the comic won't be blue, I will be colouring it in proper colours like my last post, but obviously that will take time. :D

I hope to have a coloured page to post next time, just this one page though, don't want to post too much here of it.

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