Friday, 18 February 2011

Faffing About again!

I now have 5 days off work, I plan on use most of the time to decorate the spare room but today is just a 'meh' day. Meh days are days spent watching tv, eating and playing videogames, I feel they are a good beginning to a 5 day weekend :D

Today I think I'll dedicate to the 90's like I did my evening last night. I had a whole lot of fun listening to Oasis, drinking a glass of white wine and playing Super Mario 3 and 4. I kept dying right enough but I did find it fun!

The old Nintendo games are still harder than most games you play now. New games are more complicated story wise but in the old days it was just diabolical. I still cannot complete super mario 1 and I think i've only seen the end level once in 25 years...

I get quite annoyed with it lol.

Later this evening I'll also be working on drawing. Drawing is a good passtime, might do a second posting, see how i feel later. :D

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