Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Q Factor!

I'm watching "Celebrity Don't Forget the Lyrics". Their "Celebrity" is Gareth Gates. You remember him right? Gareth "I lost out to Will Young 10 years ago on Pop Idol and have no music career" Gates. With his magically disappearing stutter.

Got me thinking about what celebrity has become. I watch X-Factor and the people that say "I want to be FAMOUS!" Make me want to get a big hammer and bash their heads in with it. Really? The only thing you want in life is to be famous? You want to walk down the street and be chased by everyone? Paparazzi aren't fun, no matter how cool Lady Gaga makes them sound in her song.

People who want to be famous should be discounted from that show. It really annoys me, oh and people with Sob Stories... In fact no, they just need to change the groups. Instead of like 16 - 30, over 30's, groups and such, it should be this:

Sob Stories 
(Parents died, kid died, evicted, made redundant... etc)
Single Parents 
(Self explanatory - such hard working single parents want to make the life of their kid better lol)
People who want to be famous
(I want to be like MADONNA!)
Car Crash TV

That's got "success" written all over it. Louis Walsh should obviously take the Car Crash TV category. Same Difference, Wagner and Jedward should prove this. Cheryl would take Sob Stories, she's a sucker for them, Danni would take Single Parents and Simon obviously is the "people who want to be famous" category. I'm gonna write this in an Email and send my suggestions to ITV.

We'd also change the show's title to "Q Factor!"

Reason being is that Q is a pretty useless letter. It can't do anything without U can it? These contestants, if they really had X Factor, they'd already be famous and wealthy. They need a U to make them 'get there'.

Simon Cowell is their U and I dounbt he cries himself to sleep over all the Q's that don't quite make it. (Like Gareth Gates. He was a judge in pop idol too remember and he only got nasty after that. Nigel was the nasty one there.)

So yeah... Who's got the Q FACTOR!?

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