Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Hunger at Work

I was back at work today after a 5 day mini holiday.

I wasn't exactly happy when I had to get up this morning. Going to bed post 3am and having to get up pre 8am can do that to you (when I say pre 8am I mean 7:59am). I was very crabby with the idea of getting up, spent a good 10 minutes trying to convince myself that I had some terrible incurable disease and that I couldn't possibly go to work through the pain/emotional trauma.

Realising that I was in fact alive and mostly well I fell out of bed and proceeded to go get dressed for the day. My "Go to work" clothing is very different to my "normal day" clothing. Most people pretend to get all smartly dressed to go to work, me? It's all about "What is near and what is clean/acceptable". I passed over the crazy skull/snake Tshirt thing that I love but it's not really a 'weekday work shirt' (Weekend is fine) and grabbed a plain purple T shirt and black trousers.

When I got to work, I made a cup of tea (Caffine/sugar influx was required) and put my sandwich in the fridge. After this I began my work duties and began my morning wander through "What I'd like to eat for breakfast".

I was talking to my other half about breakfast the other day, we were discussing how breakfast is nice if you're able to have something somewhat tasty. I always dream about pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausages, yummy things that are horrifically bad for you and when I finally got to go on my breakfast break I found myself very dissapointed in my Apple/Blueberry Porridge.

It was neither appley nor was it blueberry like... in fact it barley passed for Porridge. I was very sad.

I consoled myself with a packet of Canadian Ham crisps. They were pretty tasty, I should have skipped the porridge and gone straight for those.

After the porridge disaster I went back to my desk and I was starving. People think I exaggerate and I suppose I am somewhat in the greater context but for me at that moment when I'm hungry I feel like I'm gonna die of starvation. I kind of sprawl over my desk and my mind tempts me with all the tasty things it wants to eat and no matter how tasty my Lunch Sandwich is, because of my previous hunger pangs it's never what I want it to be. It's never a pizza or a grilled cheese sandwich or anything...

Or cake... ah screw it, tomorrow I'm gonna be bad and get something really fatty for lunch and go straight for the Canadian Ham crisps for breakfast.

At least I'll enjoy it!

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