Monday, 28 February 2011


A quick drawing of the cats, for an idea for a comic maybe.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Hunger at Work

I was back at work today after a 5 day mini holiday.

I wasn't exactly happy when I had to get up this morning. Going to bed post 3am and having to get up pre 8am can do that to you (when I say pre 8am I mean 7:59am). I was very crabby with the idea of getting up, spent a good 10 minutes trying to convince myself that I had some terrible incurable disease and that I couldn't possibly go to work through the pain/emotional trauma.

Realising that I was in fact alive and mostly well I fell out of bed and proceeded to go get dressed for the day. My "Go to work" clothing is very different to my "normal day" clothing. Most people pretend to get all smartly dressed to go to work, me? It's all about "What is near and what is clean/acceptable". I passed over the crazy skull/snake Tshirt thing that I love but it's not really a 'weekday work shirt' (Weekend is fine) and grabbed a plain purple T shirt and black trousers.

When I got to work, I made a cup of tea (Caffine/sugar influx was required) and put my sandwich in the fridge. After this I began my work duties and began my morning wander through "What I'd like to eat for breakfast".

I was talking to my other half about breakfast the other day, we were discussing how breakfast is nice if you're able to have something somewhat tasty. I always dream about pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausages, yummy things that are horrifically bad for you and when I finally got to go on my breakfast break I found myself very dissapointed in my Apple/Blueberry Porridge.

It was neither appley nor was it blueberry like... in fact it barley passed for Porridge. I was very sad.

I consoled myself with a packet of Canadian Ham crisps. They were pretty tasty, I should have skipped the porridge and gone straight for those.

After the porridge disaster I went back to my desk and I was starving. People think I exaggerate and I suppose I am somewhat in the greater context but for me at that moment when I'm hungry I feel like I'm gonna die of starvation. I kind of sprawl over my desk and my mind tempts me with all the tasty things it wants to eat and no matter how tasty my Lunch Sandwich is, because of my previous hunger pangs it's never what I want it to be. It's never a pizza or a grilled cheese sandwich or anything...

Or cake... ah screw it, tomorrow I'm gonna be bad and get something really fatty for lunch and go straight for the Canadian Ham crisps for breakfast.

At least I'll enjoy it!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Q Factor!

I'm watching "Celebrity Don't Forget the Lyrics". Their "Celebrity" is Gareth Gates. You remember him right? Gareth "I lost out to Will Young 10 years ago on Pop Idol and have no music career" Gates. With his magically disappearing stutter.

Got me thinking about what celebrity has become. I watch X-Factor and the people that say "I want to be FAMOUS!" Make me want to get a big hammer and bash their heads in with it. Really? The only thing you want in life is to be famous? You want to walk down the street and be chased by everyone? Paparazzi aren't fun, no matter how cool Lady Gaga makes them sound in her song.

People who want to be famous should be discounted from that show. It really annoys me, oh and people with Sob Stories... In fact no, they just need to change the groups. Instead of like 16 - 30, over 30's, groups and such, it should be this:

Sob Stories 
(Parents died, kid died, evicted, made redundant... etc)
Single Parents 
(Self explanatory - such hard working single parents want to make the life of their kid better lol)
People who want to be famous
(I want to be like MADONNA!)
Car Crash TV

That's got "success" written all over it. Louis Walsh should obviously take the Car Crash TV category. Same Difference, Wagner and Jedward should prove this. Cheryl would take Sob Stories, she's a sucker for them, Danni would take Single Parents and Simon obviously is the "people who want to be famous" category. I'm gonna write this in an Email and send my suggestions to ITV.

We'd also change the show's title to "Q Factor!"

Reason being is that Q is a pretty useless letter. It can't do anything without U can it? These contestants, if they really had X Factor, they'd already be famous and wealthy. They need a U to make them 'get there'.

Simon Cowell is their U and I dounbt he cries himself to sleep over all the Q's that don't quite make it. (Like Gareth Gates. He was a judge in pop idol too remember and he only got nasty after that. Nigel was the nasty one there.)

So yeah... Who's got the Q FACTOR!?

Friday, 18 February 2011

Faffing About again!

I now have 5 days off work, I plan on use most of the time to decorate the spare room but today is just a 'meh' day. Meh days are days spent watching tv, eating and playing videogames, I feel they are a good beginning to a 5 day weekend :D

Today I think I'll dedicate to the 90's like I did my evening last night. I had a whole lot of fun listening to Oasis, drinking a glass of white wine and playing Super Mario 3 and 4. I kept dying right enough but I did find it fun!

The old Nintendo games are still harder than most games you play now. New games are more complicated story wise but in the old days it was just diabolical. I still cannot complete super mario 1 and I think i've only seen the end level once in 25 years...

I get quite annoyed with it lol.

Later this evening I'll also be working on drawing. Drawing is a good passtime, might do a second posting, see how i feel later. :D

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Oodles of Doodles

Well, I was working today which you know, is about par for the course on a Wednesday. I had a pretty quiet day and quiet turned to restless which turned into boredom which turned then into doodles.

I doodle a lot in work, on any piece of paper that someone isn't using. I just can't help it and so today I present a highlight reel of my daily doodles.

First of all, it's my ye old faithful "I'm bored and wanna draw."

It was just a normal picture of link at first... until I made a small mistake with my pen at the left side of his mouth and decided he'd be a vampire. So it's VAMPIRE LINK!!! WHOO!

I love vampire link lol. So then I decided that I was gonna draw something easy peasy. The one thing I can draw without thinking is a cow. So, that came next.

Huh, I seem to have a vampire theme going on today. So yeah I drew the vampire cow and gave her a martini glass and called him Mootini. I enjoyed drawing him and he made me smile :)

After the cow, I thought I'd stick with an animal theme so, i began drawing a kitty and called it Kyo...

The reason I called him Kyo is because he's a bit tubby... poor Kyo. He's not that tubby really, I mean, I think if he had half a chance he would get to double his current size.

Next, I started to draw a horse...

It became apparent very quickly that I cannot draw horses. In fact, I'd go so far to say that I suck at drawing horses. He then became a monster of some kind, maybe a dog horse? I dunno but thats what happened.

Last, but by no means least was my dragon.

Mwa ha ha ha ha, he's cute but he dreams bad things. Notice the artistic utilisation of an orange highlighter. I was hunting for a green one for the grass but then my phone rang and I had to do some work. It was very sad.

So yes, I think I may do a bigger better version of the sleeping dragon. I think he's cool and I just need to decide what colour to do him.

So anyway, after Monday's post about nothing, I thought a doodle post would make things much  better!

Monday, 14 February 2011

Faffing Aboug

Quiet day today, not much to report.

Took a break from drawing and such to admire the flowers my other half sent me. They're very pretty. Red Roses. Took some time to just watch TV, currently a documentary on why the UK froze this year. Proving to be interesting.

So, in closing. It's a faffing day. I promise Wednesday will be a more interesting blog post.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Bioware Fangirl - Does tricks for EXP

Mass Effect & Dragon Age.

My two favorite games right now. Currently I'm playing Mass Effect 2. I think I'm about half way through the game so far and I am both amazed and awed by the size, beauty and complexity of this game. You feel like this world really exists, codex entries giving background information on every race you meet that I personally have read through for hours on end.

I love the character development and how the decisions you take in Mass Effect & Dragon Age have far reaching consequences into both the later stages of the game and even the next in the series. I found myself sitting for about 20 minutes last night agonising over a decision for one of the characters in my team. Do I play the Renegade or Paragon option (good or evil?) and what would I do in this situation?

Honestly, I eventually just closed my eyes and picked an option. Turned out to be a good option! All happy in the world of the Normandy (my ship for those that don't know)

I also had a revelation that made my jaw hit the floor (if anyone in the know is reading, I'll just say... the collectors.) I honestly was so shocked at the information presented to me I felt like I had been just told some real world bad news... Dragon Age made me feel like that too.

Another game that gave me real emotion was Fable II but mostly it was just fury at how cheap I felt after the End Game.

Anyway yeah, no doodles tonight, just some random musings and RAVING about ME2 if anyone has the ability to get this game (or Dragon Age - Ramblings on that due in MARCH BABY!) you should invest some money in the game and all the mission DLC.

In other news: I need a phrase to end my posts. Just leaving off seems odd. Lets go for the ever faithful:

Have a Nice Day Now :)

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Wonderful World of Wings

First, apologies for lack of update on Monday. I had some sort of alcohol related thing going on... deadlines seem to disappear in those instances.

Onto today's blog:

I've been giving myself little goals to work towards and the past week it's been Feathered Wings. I can draw bat/mammal wings pretty good as I was always rather obsessed with Dragons, but feathered wings, not so much.

My dragon wings:

That was like a 2 minute photoshop sketch. If I was doing it really detailed i'd have knuckles on the wing 'fingers'. I've always drawn these kind of wings but recently I've been needing to draw feathered wings for some characters in a story I've been writing with my other half.

Feathered wings on the other hand...

Kind of sucky!

So I embarked on a mission to turn my feathered wings into something worth showing. I've posted a picture up here recently with wings on it, but she's not very good either, it was her pose I was looking at practicing. I began looking online for wing anatomy and started to realise where I was going wrong. I was thinking that the wing was much shorter than it really is when actually it's just an arm with no fingers.

So I started to practice and research and came up with this!

I dunno if it makes sense to other people but it made sense to me lol!

So yes, with my newfound wing anatomy, I drew this (And I am very proud of it)

So yeah, let me know if it makes sense lol.

Friday, 4 February 2011

General Musings!

I've been spending today cleaning and clearing out stuff in my spare room and bedroom. My other half is planning to move here in May and so that kind of means she needs space to put her stuff. Its amazing how much crap you get over 25 years. It's even more amazing when you're living with your parents!

So yeah, loads of toys got given to charity today, I found my old Game Cube, I'm going to put it in the spare room for my Niece to play with. I'm sure she'll appreciate it, it's got Legend of Zelda (She's four  but she's my padawan).

Speaking of Legend of Zelda;

This is the picture I was doing of link when I went looking for pictures of his hat :P

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Bioware ate my soul

Late blog post, I am bio-aware. (heh, that's funny to me anyway)

Lets see what can be blamed for this amazing phenomenon? Could it be work? Food? A good book? No, it was none of these things. What happened was, I was innocently walking down the street and then a huge vampire came and attacked me. Said something about being pathetic and needy... I figured, "hey, I want my vampires to be scary and like 'grrr'" So I called Buffy and she totally sorted out the situation leaving me to play Mass Effect...

Oh drat, I just gave the game away.

In preparation for 11th of March (Day of Reckoning, Day of Procrastination... hell maybe I should have saved my 2 days holiday for then...) I have been powering my way through Mass Effect 1 and am about to begin Mass Effect 2. I would like to have both of these complete by mid feburary so I can begin Dragon Age again... you know... in case I forgot what happened after I played it for 11 months straight. (I'm only not playing it now because I made my brother take it away, to another house.)

He said he'd give it back, I said he should keep it until I need it or nothing else will get played.

My thoughts on the first Mass Effect  upon a second play through remain the same. Good game, good characters, fun shooting action. I hate the biotic powers, I can't use them properly, I'm more of a "Lets go in and SHOOT THEM ALL!!!" kind of gamer than then "Ooh, lets hang back and helpfully throw people around".

Even in Dragon Age my mages are all armed to the teeth. I'd give them lasers if I could and a tank maybe? Also, can't beat a good heavy suit of armor. And sharks... ooh, sharks with lasers!

Anyway, this blog post, fun as it is, is not Mass Effect 2 so, I'm gonna go play that and will give more detailed musings on Friday once I've gotten through a bit of it!